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Clients travel from across the country to get help at Ambrosia’s drug rehab centers. That’s because our drug addiction rehab facilities provide a world-class environment for complete recovery.  A full list of holistic treatments like acupuncture, music therapy, meditation and yoga complement the daily therapy sessions with our doctorate-level psychologists. It’s the perfect place to relax and focus on your underlying addiction issues while surrounded by support.

FREE drug and alcohol treatment center hotline – call 24/7.  Reserve your bed now, we have limited emergency admissions and same day intake. Your addiction treatment may cost nothing? Fill out the below form and check your insurance today.

Resort Style Palm Beach Florida Alcohol Drug Rehab Centers

Singer Island Palm Beach FL Alcohol Rehab Center

Singer Island Palm Beach Florida Alcohol Rehab


West Palm Beach Florida Addiction Rehab Center

News Report: Local Treatment Center Helps Recovering Addict

Ambrosia Treatment Center: West Palm Beach, FL

South Florida Alcohol Rehab Centers

Main South FL PSL Alcohol Drug Rehab Detox Center

Port St. Lucie Residential Drug Alcohol Rehab Detox Center


10K+ Success /  12+ Years / 1oo’s of Team Members that Care

Ambrosia Treatment Center at Work:  as Seen on CNN

It’s time to make the call, we’re backed hundreds of positive life changing alcohol recovery stories.

If you’re looking for an example of what treatment can do for you, look no further than these powerful addiction rehab testimonials. These alumni and thousands of others have found a new way of life at Ambrosia, and so can you. Call our 24/7 addiction helpline today to discuss your options with someone who has been there and can truly relate to what you’re going through.

Addiction Rehab Success Stories

Drug Alcohol Abuse Treatment Success Story – Lauren Schreck

Drug Alcohol Abuse Treatment Success Story – Erik Hurvitz

Drug Alcohol Abuse Treatment Success Story – Paschal Rigby

Your addiction treatment may cost nothing? Fill out the below form and check your insurance today.

Fox Sports 1: Undisputed

Ambrosia Inpatient Rehab in the News

Media outlets like NBC, CBS and ABC turn to Ambrosia Treatment Center’s addiction rehabilitation experts when they are covering substance abuse. That’s because our drug treatment centers are staffed with the best doctors, therapists and support staff in the industry. Share these videos to help us combat the stigma of addiction and drug treatment.

NBC 5 (WPTV): Coping with Addiction During the Holidays

Azteca 48 (WWHB): Combatting the Opioid Crisis

CBS 12 (WPEC): Helping Heroes in Crisis with PTSD Treatment

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