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Addiction Recovery Success Stories

It’s time to make the call, we’re backed hundreds of positive life changing alcohol recovery stories.

If you’re looking for an example of what treatment can do for you, look no further than these powerful addiction rehab testimonials. These alumni and thousands of others have found a new way of life at Ambrosia, and so can you.

Addiction Rehab Success Stories

Fox Sports 1: Undisputed

Ambrosia Inpatient Rehab in the News


NBC 5 (WPTV): Coping with Addiction During the Holidays

Azteca 48 (WWHB): Combatting the Opioid Crisis

CBS 12 (WPEC): Helping Heroes in Crisis with PTSD Treatment

Learn More About Addiction + How to Cope with An Addicted Loved One

View below to learn more about the best evidence-based addiction treatment options available for you or a loved one

Addiction 101: For Families

Am I Enabling?

Communication & Boundaries


Detachment with Love

After Rehab, What Comes Next?

What Do I Need to Know About Treatment?

What Every Family In Addiction Needs to Hear

Why do people drink? | From Starting to Not Stopping

Can Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Kill You?

Quotes to Help You Stay Positive

Before and After Drug Addiction

Ambrosia Treatment Center | TV Commercial

Wellness Welcome Video

Why Family Involvement Matters

Welcome to the Ambrosia Family

Can Heroin Withdrawal Kill You?

How “Bad” Is Your Addiction? | The Addiction Severity Index

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