A Loved One

Addiction affects the entire family. Learn how our program helps our clients and their families recover.

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A Client

We’re here to help your client make a smooth transition to and from addiction treatment.

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Addiction can take a huge toll on your life. We’re here to help guide you to lasting sobriety.

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South Florida Addiction Treatment

Looking for effective addiction treatment? Our drug and alcohol rehab centers in West Palm Beach, Singer Island, and Port St. Lucie, FL can help.

  • Covered by insurance
  • Backed by a 98% satisfaction rating
  • Dual diagnosis, mental health and trauma treatment
  • Evidence-based neuroscience & psychiatry
  • Backed by hundreds of positive reviews online

Learn More About Our South Florida Treatment Programs

Dig deep to address the causes and conditions of drug addiction and/or alcoholism

Our South Florida Rehab Programs


With our medical detox services, you or a loved one can safely and effectively detox from drugs or alcohol. Our team of medical and mental health professionals, detoxing has never been easier.

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Inpatient Rehab

Our inpatient rehab program is designed to provide structure and cultivate accountability. Those who participate in our program benefit from several therapy sessions per week and a comfortable environment to call home.

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Intensive Outpatient Programming

Outpatient services are ideal for several types of people who are looking to recover from drug or alcohol addiction. Between regularly scheduled therapy sessions and a team of compassionate providers, you can build strength in your recovery through the outpatient program.

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Alumni Programming

The support you gain at Ambrosia Treatment Center doesn’t end when your program is up. We proudly provide alumni programs designed to keep you connected to the community while you continue making strides in your recovery.

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Take a Tour

Whether you’re planning a drug or alcohol abuse intervention or seeking addiction treatment for yourself, you’re likely to have questions about the detoxification and recovery treatment process. We invite you to contact our treatment team to learn more about our South Florida drug and alcohol detox and rehab programs located in West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie.

Read the Stories Of Recovery

  • The therapy at Ambrosia changed my opinion of therapy overall. Without their help, I would’ve never talked about the things that I worked through while I was here. It’s a supportive environment with the structure needed to heal and grow as a person. This experience helped me get in touch with who I am outside of being an addict.

    Antonio R.

  • Ambrosia changed my daughter’s life. That’s not an exaggeration. She had been to several other facilities, with little, short-lived success, but Ambrosia was the only one that kept her sober for over a year now. She’s a whole new person!

    Missy S

  • Ambrosia gave me the tools to be able to live the life I have today. Great staff and an all around great facility. Thank you Ambrosia!

    Gary R.

  • Ambrosia helped me too. I let go of anger, resentment and started trusting my husband again. I actually still text Wellness regularly. I learned the hard way that not all treatment centers are the same, and I know from experience that Ambrosia is the right choice.

    Michelle F

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