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West Palm Beach Rehabilitation Treatment Center

West Palm Beach Rehabilitation Treatment Center


Ambrosia South, located in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida achieves the same standard of care for which Ambrosia is renowned. Ambrosia South features upscale residences with modern, state of the art appliances, flat screen TVs, oversized bathrooms and well-landscaped common areas for outdoor group sessions and community activities. More importantly, the facility has caring, well-trained therapists that provide an individualized treatment plan for each client.

All of our facilities are perfectly equipped to make the recovery of our clients run as smoothly and comfortably as possible, a prime example of this being our West Palm Beach rehab center. This center is especially fitted to cater to the needs of those under our care, ensuring that they exit our doors with the foundations on which to build a joyful and healthy life. More information about our Palm Beach rehab center:


Our West Palm Beach Rehab Facility

At the heart of the success of our centers, no less with our rehab center in Palm Beach, are our staff. They’re composed of professionals who’ve dedicated their lives to the study and application of addiction treatment, while maintaining a sense of compassion towards those they help. We’re able to offer full-service care as we take knowledge gained through years of experience in different types of practices as well as different areas of specialized study and apply it to the treatment that we provide, ensuring that each approach is tried, tested, and effective. In treating our patients as individuals, as they should be treated, their care can be personalized as will work for them, unlike the detached approach taken in many other facilities.


The Ambrosia West Palm Beach Rehab Difference

Going hand-in-hand with our tailored treatment plans is the perseverance of our care. We welcome not only those seeking help in their struggle with substance abuse for the first time, but also those prone to relapse and those who’ve been battling their addiction for many years. We address any issues fueling their struggle, such as mental and emotional traumas, and try to get them to a state of physical and spiritual stability. There is no such thing as a lost cause – we will do everything in our power to help those who ask for it, and want to rehabilitate themselves.

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