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Abused Prescription Drugs Resources

rx-list-ltThere are hundreds of different types of prescription drugs. Keeping track of the information on these drugs can be difficult. The resources below will provide medical definitions and indexes to the best drug information available on the Internet.

World Drug Report – Published by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, this annual report highlights the most informative and analytic information on drugs throughout the world. With a strong emphasis on international drug control, these reports identify the trends in both legal and illegal drug usages.

Department of Health Drug Information – The US Department of Health and Human Services has issued a special section of their website dealing with drug information. Whether you are looking for information on particular medicines, or you want to read statements issued by the FDA, you can find all of this information in one spot.

FDA Drug Index – The US Food and Drug Administration has created an index of specific drugs. Organized alphabetically, you can either browse the indexed list of drugs, or search for a drug based on its common name and official medical name.

The Office of National Drug Control Policy Drug Facts – Categorized by types of drugs and what they do, you can learn about the harmful effects some drugs can have on the human body.

RxList – The RxList is one of the most popular drug indexes. Offering FAQ on drugs, pill identifier information, and even picture slide shows of the most recent medicines available, this is website that should be bookmarked.

Index of Drug Reporting – Incorporating information geared toward the usage and enforcement on drugs, this University has put together a wonderful collection of resources related to drug legalities.

WebMD Drug Index – This medical search engine makes it easy for users to find a specific drug. Search by medical term, common street name, or what the drug is used for, and you will get reliable results. There is also a list of the most popular drugs based on user reviews.

Common Drugs of Abuse – While drugs are intended to improve our health, a lot of times drugs get misused and abused. Read this comprehensive list of the most commonly abused drugs, specifically by teenagers.

PDR Health Drug Index – If you have ever wondered what the common side effects of a specific prescription or over the counter drugs were, this website has all of the answers. Search by herbal drugs, prescription drugs, or over the counter (OTC) drugs.

WWW Virtual Pharmacy – A powerhouse of pharmacy and medicine related resources, this is the place to look for any and all things drug related. From drug associations to journals and books published about specific drugs, there is a lot of information to read.

Medical Matrix – Offering updated clinical medicine resources, this website is user updated and reviewed. This guide to medical resources is great for medical students and individuals doing research on specific medicines and drugs.

Yahoo! Health – Incorporating more than just information on drugs, this directory offers the latest news and information in the world of medicine and health.


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