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Addictive Drugs Glossary (with Pictures)

alcohol Alcohol

Yes, alcohol is a drug. It is the number one “killer” among abused drugs on the market today. Includes anything from beer to whisky. Ethanol (grain alcohol) is the most widely used depressant in the world.

marijuana_abuse Marijuana

Sometimes referred to as cannabis sativa, the major biological active chemical compound found in cannabis is commonly referred to as THC. Marijuana is used recreationally, medicinally, and for spiritual and religious reasons.

cocaine_abuse Cocaine

Obtained from the leaves of the cocoa plant. It is both a stimulant and an appetite suppressant. Highly addictive and can be smoked, inhaled, or used intravenously.

heroin_treatment Heroin

Usually a bitter powder from white to dark brown in color. It can be injected, smoked, or snorted. Heroin quickly causes an intense rush and a feeling of pleasure but these feelings go away and soon the bad effects return. Heroin is extremely addictive.

crystal-meth-addiction Methamphetamine

Usually comes in a white powder, is odorless, and has a bitter taste. It dissolves easily in water. It can be snorted, injected, smoked, or taken by mouth. It causes a rush and an increase in energy that can last 20 minutes to 12 hours. Very dangerous and can cause convulsions, hallucinations, breathing problems, and seizures.

pcp PCP

It usually a white crystalline powder that is sold as a tablet, capsule, or colored Powder. It can be snorted, swallowed, or smoked and has a bitter chemical taste. It is a dissociative drug which means it changes how you hear and see things. It also makes you feel detached from the things around you.

lsd LSD

Club drug, blotter, acid, Comes in the form of liquid, tablets, or capsules. Causes Dry mouth, sweating, visual illusions, and hallucinations.

ritalin_abuse Ritalin

Ritalin is a prescription drug used by physicians to treat children with ADHD. It produces a “speed-like” euphoria and can be used orally, by snorting, or injecting it directly into the vein. There are many controversies surrounding Ritalin and it’s use for ADHD in children.

ecstasy Ecstasy

Comes in the form of a pill or white powder. It is usually swallowed but can be Injected. Often used at parties so people can dance around and keep from getting tired. It causes your emotions to be very strong and makes your sense of touch very sensitive. Also known as the “Lover’s Drug”.

inhalents Inhalants

Inhalants are commercial or cleaning products that some people sniff or inhale for a rush to get high. They can cause serious damage to the brain and include the products nail polish remover, hair spray, gasoline, paint thinner, or glue.

ketamine Ketamine

Comes in the form of a white powder, tablet, or a liquid. It is a legal drug in the U.S. only when used as an anesthetic (mostly for animals). Otherwise it is illegal. The drug will cause the user to enter a dreamlike state, experience hallucinations and delusions, experience slurred speech, and an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

tranquilizers Tranquilizers

These are drugs that relieve anxiety or promote sleep. Commonly known as Valium, Xanax, and Ativan, they are a favorite of alcoholics in between drinks. Dangerous when combined with other drugs and alcohol, overdose is common. In addition, used in a detox setting for withdrawal from alcohol.

barbiturates Barbiturates

Class of chemically related sedative hypnotic compounds used for sleeping aids. Sometimes known as Seconal and Nembutal, these medications are used orally, nasally, or injected.

codeine Codeine

Sedative and pain relieving agent found in opium. Structurally similar to morphine but less potent. Commonly prescribed by dentists for pain relief or mixed with other drugs to create a synergistic effect making the euphoria greater.

morphine Morphine

Major sedative and pain relieving drug found in opium. Commonly used as the #1 pain killer on the market. Highly sought after by opiate addicts. Can be used orally, injected, and smoked. Used in the treatment of many end stage cancers.

methadone_abuse Methadone

A synthetically produced long acting opiate. Used as a replacement therapy of heroin addiction where methadone is given in varying dosages in order to ward off feelings of withdrawal. Many addicts start off on a short stay outpatient detox (21 days) and end up being addicted to the drug for years to come. It becomes a drug of convenience. It enables clients to stay “comfortable” and keeps them from waking up “dope sick”on a daily basis.


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