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Executive Staff

Jerry Haffey - RN, BSN

Jerry Haffey – RN, BSNChief Executive Officer

Jerry Haffey, brings almost 20 years of experience in the health field. Mr. Haffey is well versed on the clinical side of the business and is a Registered Nurse. He also has experience in the administrative side of the business and has many years of experience in management and marketing.

Nick Alberto

Nicholas Alberto BA HUM President

Nick has an extensive managerial background and has been working with The Ambrosia Treatment Centers since its founding year. He has several years experience in the substance abuse field, having worked in many different capacities, both clinically and operationally.   He received his Bachelors degree in Humanities from Arizona State University.

Timothy Loceff MS Chief Administrative Officer

Timothy has several years of addictions experience, having worked in many sides of the treatment industry. Mr. Loceff has held admissions, counseling and utilization review positions, and currently is Ambrosia’s Chief Administrative Officer.  Timothy’s departments are responsible for ensuring the smooth communications between the clients, clinicians, administrative staff and third party payers.

Timothy Loceff MS

Marc Chiurato Chief Financial Officer

Marc joined the Ambrosia team in 2010 and has been guiding the company through a period of growth. Marc brings over 15 years of financial working at both national banks and Fortune 100 companies. Marc relishes the challenge of taking many of the sound financial principals of large multi-national corporations, and applying them to a growing mid size company, while still allowing Ambrosia to keep the individual character that has made it a success.

Jerry Haffey Jr

Jerry Haffey Jr. National Marketing Director

After honorably serving our country in Iraq, Jerry Jr. relocated to Florida to work for The Ambrosia Treatment Centers. Jerry has held many positions within the company during it history, including positions in the operations and admissions department. Through hard work and selfless dedication he became Ambrosia’s National Marketing Director, overseeing marketing and advertising for all the Ambrosia locations.

Binny Montenegro

Binny Montenegro Chief Operating Officer

Binny has successfully risen through the ranks to become the COO of The Ambrosia Treatment Centers. As COO, Binny is in charge of not only the physical plant, but also is responsible for the Resident Managers, whom he sees as the unsung heroes of the staff. Binny combines a passion to help those in need with a commitment to get the job done to his work at Ambrosia, and he is especially proud of the positive feedback that his staff regularly receives from the clients.


Lynne Davis CAP, ICADC, CEBAF, CRBT Program Director

Lynne has over twenty years experience working in various modalities for some of the major treatment programs in South Florida. She is a graduate of the Gorski Training Institute for Relapse Prevention and is well respected in the field of addiction. Lynne currently oversees the clinical programs at Ambrosia, developing and supervising all clinical operations.


Sal Raichbach PsyD LCSW Director of Clinical Development

Dr. Raichbach brings a vast amount of both experience and knowledge to Ambrosia. Sal has been in the counseling field for over 20 years and has experience with all facets of the profession.  Sal has earned both a doctorate in Psychology as well as a Masters degree in clinical social work. He is actively licensed in the states of: FL, NJ, NV, and NY.

Dr. Raul J Rodriguez

Dr. Raul J Rodriguez MD, DABPN, DABAM, MRO

Founder & Medical Director Diplomat, American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology American Society of Addiction Medicine Certified Medical Review Officer. As a Magna Cum Laude scholar at Florida International University and then as Chief Resident at University of Miami-Jackson Memorial Hospital, Dr. Rodrigues recognizes the importance of addressing the total health needs of each client-physical, mental and emotional-in order to achieve long term treatment success. Dr. Rodriquez aggressively seeks out and evaluates the latest research in medical science, bringing his clients the most advanced and effective medicines and treatment methods available. Dr. Rodriguez developed a completely innovative comprehensive treatment program that blends the best of inpatient and outpatient care together with the most progressive therapies and an individualized approach. Dr. Rodriguez provides each client with an individualized plan for long-term mental wellness. He continues to set new standards of care with his innovative approach to treatment and his commitment to the total well-being of each client.

Joesph Morrison

Joseph Morrison Project Manager

Joseph is the Project Manager for all existing and new facilities. Joe was previously the owner of a 30+ employee construction firm and brings a wealth of both construction and vendor management experience to Ambrosia. He is a hands on guy that handles the day to day dealings with the all vendors and contractors doing business with Ambrosia Treatment Center.


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